Elopements/Intimate Weddings

Elopement Ceremony…Intimate and Romantic

Want your special day to be just between the two of you? Or maybe you only want a few family members to witness your vows. Consider my elopement ceremony to make your intimate wedding a memory that you will treasure. Here are a couple options to choose from.

Elopement ~ Quick and Easy (Just the Basics)

You decide to get married on a whim or the idea has been brewing for a long time. It’s just the two of you and you want a ceremony that is short and to the point with no bells or whistles. The pre-scripted ceremony includes all the basic components: a couple of opening words, The Intentions, I Do’s, Vows, the rings, pronouncement kiss and signing of the marriage license.

Ceremony rates begin at $250 and is determined by location, how much (or little) advance notice given.

Elopement Quick and Easy Package with Photographer: starts at $575

Personalized Elopement~ Short & Sweet:

This service is the perfect alternative to the courthouse wedding where you want to have the ceremony in a casual setting with no wedding party or processional/recessional.  If you live locally or in another part of the country and are considering a brief ceremony followed by a honeymoon in a breathtaking mountain or coastal location, then this option may be right for you.

The Short and Sweet Personalized Ceremony lasts approximately 10 minutes and includes the following: opening words, statement of intention (the “I do’s”), vows, an exchange of rings, the signing of the marriage license, final blessing, pronouncement and a kiss!   In addition, it also includes some customization, personalizing to the bride and groom and 1-2 special readings. Pricing for the Personalized Elopement Ceremony begins at $250 and is determined by location, how much (or little) advance notice given, number of guests and any customizing of the ceremony script that you might want. Email or call for an exact quote. 


  • Personalized Short and Sweet Ceremony
  • Up to 25 guests
  • Performing of ceremony by Summit Celebrant
  • Arrival of officiant 10 minutes prior to start of ceremony

What’s not included:

If you are envisioning a more formal ceremony (including a  processional, seated guests, a wedding party and more than 25 guests) then I suggest the Basic Ceremony or Full Monty.

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